Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Float Fishing Weekend!

Road Trip Season, Time To Head Out Of The Region for some Float Fishing!

Summer means one thing for a Fly Fisherman, road trips and sweet action on the dry! After a long drive, it was finally time to get a taste of the water we've been waiting so long to get on. Did it disappoint you'll have to click on our trip report to see how much fun we had.

Link To Our Trip Here

2 Days of Rowing, dry fly action, no crowds and plenty of Fish! Boca had her first float experience and did well seeing how there's nothing over a Class II rapid here. We were able to just drift about 10 miles a day before making our way to Chief Pine camping area. Water levels also played an important part of this trip with water running between 3-400 it was perfect for float fishing.


Can't wait to get back up or down that way again -depending on which direction you're looking

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