Friday, August 28, 2009

Colorado Summertime Dry Fly Action

Eagle County Fishing Weekend
Link to our trip & more pictures

My Fishing pal Dave finally got to get out for a weekend on the water after taking some time off and the weekend didn't disappoint! Steve and his dog sushi also joined us and joined the fun. We fished some small water away from the crowds up in the Hills and besides having decent days out, the peace and quiet paid off in dividends much more so.

lost a big one2
Just pulled it from a Beaaaast!

We found a camping spot that Friday and pretty much had the area to ourselves the entire weekend. Not only was the camping area nice but it was also a few feet from the River so even better for us and the dogs. Friday was a bit slow but Sat showed to be a bit better, it must have been the Karma Steve brought with him that day. The area we fished is near a somewhat popular area but due to me knowing a few guides in the area over the years paid off and we had another area to ourselves for the entire day again. Flies of choice varied but we had most of our success on Stimulator's, swing caddis, very tiny emerger patterns and FBPT's!

Great way to finish the night, or in this case into the morning. Great shot Steve

We had a very late night the last night we were there due to a nice dinner, band playing and a never ending supply of firewood there were quite a few fish stories to talk about. Great day of fishing and evening but it was time to spend out last day on another section of water in the Eagle county valley. This day proved to be a bit more crowded and it showed from the Mono found in the parking area as well as hole hopping around people. No complaints though when I got a sweet 16" brown on my 2nd cast of the day on a tandem dry rig (Stimy /Foam EHC). The rest of the day we had success on other dry fly's, small emerger patterns and caddis pupa.

Dave with a nice Browny

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