Friday, April 23, 2010

Rocky Mtn Renewable Energy Summit, Hanging With The Mayor! Earth Day In Denver

So What is Colorado Doing For The Environment?

I was doing a little Volunteer work yesterday for the Rocky Mountain Green Summit being held here in Denver. Nice way to find out what's going on around the state Environmentally and also what the future hold for this great Rocky Mountain State.

Hanging with Mayor Hickenlooper.
Nothing like your friend using a crappy cell

indoors & catching you offguard

One of the benfits of volunteering at events like this is that you not only get to Network with companies within the Industry I am focusing on, but also you get to hangout with Politicos like Mayor Hickenlooper. Since I had a minute, I got to ask him a few questions about our Renewable Resources and waterways!

Whether it was his topic of Green Successes in Transportation, Housing, and Energy Efficiency, or Denver's Greenprint plans and Clean Water. Hickenlooper, a former Geologist back in the day, has many great ideas to come but I guess it will come down to how many of them actually exist in order for him to take over the new reigns as governor after Ritter. Other Great resources for sustainability around the state.

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Zach said...

Did you ask the mayor about the future of recreational water rights?

Troutdawg said...

Briefly talked to him about that and he mentioned they're making some changes at the state level teh next few years but mostly everything is done at the State level than locally.

Can't wait to see what he has instore for the state if/when he becomes Governor

Unknown said...

The mayor goes carpin? Sweet!

Troutdawg said...

He wouldn't tell me his Honey Holes for some reason, said he was very close to the Homeless and get's the inside "scoop" or something~