Thursday, April 1, 2010

Golden Trout...There's Gold In Them There Hills!

Golden Trout, The Countdown Is On!

With the weather warming and Summer right around the corner, yes I'm jumping the gun a bit, Goldens are on my mind. There are a few locations that are favorites of mine and every few years I try and make plans to head back for more Golden trout, very few crowds and incredible scenery.

Enjoy a few pictures from a friend of mine Charles, who had an awesome trip last year to Location X and these pictures still don't do them justice compared to being there. They got into quite a few fish and hit it just right, timing is key when targeting Goldens. Dry fly action, sight fishing crystal clear water and 15-20" Cutty's is hard to beat. This Summer my sights are definitely set on returning and getting back to one of my favorite areas in the Rockies. Congrats again on getting engaged and let the parties begin!


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Anonymous said...

Golden treasure!

Troutdawg said...

Golden treasures indeed! A few friends live in California and are lucky enough to chase these and Lahontan's. Can't wait to get back to Wyoming and find some gold again myself!

Anonymous said...

Great looking pictures!


Lynn said...

I know those Lakes! Nice job, hopefully they never get ruined. Won't take much pressure to stress them out too much