Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Activities! I Need To Catch My Breath

Exciting Weekend of Events, Now Back To Work Again

When you think of enjoying yourself over the weekend, normally one thinks of fishing -perhaps a BBQ and if lucky some downtime. When I think of spending a weekend in town and not going to the mtns to fight the Holiday crowds/traffic, many things come to mind.

This past Holiday weekend I was fortunate enough to get my share of almost everything I could ask for and then some. The weekend started with a fun night at one of Denver's top restaurants, Zengo's restaurant for my girlfriend's birthday, than we enjoyed a BBQ party at a friend's house, the much anticipated UFC 114 fight night with friends (Rashad got lucky) and a gorgeous day out at Coors field watching my Colorado Rockies play the Dodgers.

project healing4project healing5

A special tribute came also from watching the Feature on Project Healing Waters that I was involved with. A nice way to end a perfect Holiday weekend by watching the long feature on Denver's Channel 9 News with me helping some of our less fortunate Vets catching trout!

colorado carp on a fly
Oh I couldn't leave out getting a little Carp fishing done in the South Platte down the street sticking 3 pigs and loosing 3 others in the short time I had to spend. Lastly, I also got out for some much needed Golf at Wellshire golf course to brush off the rust on my golf swing. Wheeeeeeeew

Too much fun and now I'm completely exhausted....where's my nap and why can't I have another week of play like this one!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet weekend and nice write up on the Project Healing Waters fishing.


Troutdawg said...

Fun weekend indeed thanks!