Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stillwater Fishing..It's Started, Have You! Tips, Places, Hatches and More

Stillwater Season is Upon Us

Many of my fishing Pals know that when these two things happen, Troutdawg will be no where else but on the Lakes. When the rivers turn milky and runoff begins as well as when my Chironomids begin, I'm always hitting the lakes. Oh yeah, Fall time is the right time also for me to be found throwing Callibaetis/Chirono's or streamers on some big cutty's.

Whether it's fly fishing Stillwater at night or trying to figure out all the top patterns from all the best Stillwater experts and their flies, can you truly ever learn enough about Stillwater? Some of my favorite waters include Antero Reservoir (when the crowds aren't hatching), Spinney, Delaney Buttes , anything in South Park or Pyramid Lake in Nevada. There's also one of everyone's favorite if you make the drive to Montana-I am in August, that's Ennis Lake! Between Hebgen Lake and Quake are both great fisheries but so are a few of these Gems in Montana.

Being buddies with Experts like Brian Yamauchi and Rick Takahashi means there's always plenty to learn from these guys and the knowledge they possess is amazing when it comes to Midges and Stillwater fishing. Denny Rickards also had been helpful to me in picking up tricks of the trade in Stillwater, one thing that's for certain though is that it takes years and years of time on the water to get the job done. Do your homework and don't be afraid to ask the experts what's going on!

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