Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Carp on a Fly! Colorado Carp Fishing at It's Finest

Summer Carp Fishing, It's Addicting!

So you keep hearing about fisherman in your area going after Carp and asking yourself, What's all this fuss about? If you don't know, if you haven't tried it or better yet, if you have not experienced this new "Art of Fly fishing" you better jump on board! While I've been targeting these Golden Bones for the past 5 years, attempted a decade or so ago but to no avail it seems to be catching on slowly but surely.

carp fishing scales5

What is it about Carp fishing on a fly that makes this new targeted species so appealing? That's a question to be answered only by those who have the patience, integrity, Saltwater skills needed and a best buddy who will tag along to land them for you in case your keen senses of slime are not present.

To catch a Carp on a fly is an experience that will change you without a doubt. For most of the people I've taken out and given them this newfound experience, it's brought out a few dozen calls now when the Carp bite begins each season. Once you've tried it and maybe if lucky enough after a few times out to hook one, it literally hooks you!

For great Carp tips and experiences chasing some Goldens, checkout our friend's at This River is Wild, Roughfisher and the Carp on a Fly Blog

chad carpcolorado carp on a fly
Chad on a nice day out with me fishing and getting a nice one a few weeks back. I've been fortunate to have some sweet spots close to where I live and I can almost time it each week when the perfect time is to head out for some fun. I got lucky one day recently and landed 4 in 3 hours, not too bad but considering 1 broke me off, 4 were also on that got off and I pulled it from another 7, that was a pretty epic day for me! In the last few weeks, all in all roughly 10 landed, 20 something on/off, 4 break offs and I pulled it from about 50...I keep going back for more each week!

What are the best times to go and Tips? Link

P6120986south platte carp2
You never know what you might catch in some of Colorado's nutrient "Ha" rich warmwater. Though I focus on Rivers a ton, lakes can also be highly productive for Carp. I've caught bass, walleye, catfish and a few fish I'm still not sure what they are to this day when out chasing Goldens.
Do you have the proper Carp flies, if not check these out


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Fishguy said...

Get on ya son! Nice Goldens you've been catching.

Troutdawg said...

Lucky more or less but it's been on. You have to hit it right, 3x out last month and none landed, just the way it goes. Get out here and chase a few

Anonymous said...

Love those Goldens, yes indeed!