Monday, January 10, 2011

Beast of The Week! Black Marlin From Panama

Incredible Black Marlin Lookout Guy Harvey!

Some of you may know a popular guide who has normally splits his time between Jackson Hole putting client's on big trout and the same guy spending seasons in the Florida Keys chasing Sharks putting his client's on big fish there.

Well Carter Andrews is now down in Panama running an incredible Fishing Fleet at Islas Secas and keeps trying to get me down there for some action. Sorry Carter, as another local Jackson Hole Guide Jeff Currier and I joked about recently at the Denver Fly Fishing Show; I wish I had the cash to head your way but until than Costa Rica will have to do for now! By the way have fun in Baja next month catching Roosters and also the Seychelles caching Milkfish for your 20th anniversary Jeff!

Enjoy this picture from a Monster Marlin and I can't wait to see what other pictures he sends my way, the Marlin shot and his recent treble hook mishap will keep me guessing as to what's next?


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Fishguy said...

One big fish and one even bigger treble hook, ouch that's going to leave a mark.

Troutdawg said...

They've been catching some big fish down there, 600lb Marlins and 300lb Tuna's!

Panama City said...

Wow I love your post!!! I must say you that it is one big fish and I hope you get many more. In Panama there is many kind of fish and you were in paradise I guess .. I have to go soon and try to catch some big piece like you .... great post thaks

Troutdawg said...

Panama city thanks for posting and what a great region you have for fishing! I can't wait to try and plan a trip down to Panama. Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

That fish is huge!!