Monday, January 17, 2011

Fly Fishing in Quepos-Manuel Antonio With Pez Rey..Not A Good Idea

I Do Not Recommend These Guys
This was backdated after my trip

So I booked another trip to Costa Rica for a fishing trip. Despite only booking one day out fishing I was pretty excited. What I found out was that these guys at Pez Rey totally disappointed me!

I'll let you be the judge and if you want to book them great, if not atleast you will know how my experience was. I travel all over and use many guides so there can be good days and bad but when you don't even get to fish that's never good. Pepsi was actually a nice guy and grew up in the area, the operation itself was one I was not pleased with at all.

Here's how my experience was for a 6 hour fishing day planned:
-Outfitter ignored my emails for weeks on setting our day and what they provide, he said their internet was down (despite there being many Internet cafes in the area)
-His dog rode in the car and scratched up my girfriend pretty good jumping all over
-We sat there bored for 4 hours looking for bait (I fly fish?)and never got to even touch a rod??
-I fly fish and only got to cast a fly rod for 5 minutes, that was with a rusted out fly nonetheless
-My guide actually casted 2x to Jacks swimming by with a fly rod....wait I don't get to cast to them?
-Nothing like getting his last email about catching a ton of Roosterfish prior to our trip and that they are biting nonstop to get a customer a little ticked off when we don't even get one or a shot at one
-Total fishing time for our 6 hour day was barely an hour and 1/2 and we had perfect weather so that wasn't even an issue!

Make your own decision about your trip but I would have gone with the Panga Zapata Brothers since they pulled up to us and immediately started catching fish right away, plus you get two guides on their boat and they catch some big roosters for what I found out.

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Josh Bergan said...

Oh man! Sorry it sucked! Like I said, I had a good trip with Pez Rey, but we fished over 8 hours and got into a bunch of fish. Glad the rest of your trip was good.

Troutdawg said...

Every dog has it's day and glad you scored, definitely had a much better day than we did. Pepsi was actually a good guy he just didn't do much for letting me use the fly rod and not too keen only getting to fish an Hour and 1/2 in a 6 hour day! Nice score though on your trip and can't wait to get back again to Costa Rica

Fishguy said...

Dude sorry to hear your day was such a bust! We've all had them and what's even worse is that you had great weather and no issues stopping you from fishing, only an hour 1/2 you got to fish? Was up with that.

Troutdawg said...

Yeah no comment really, just didn't turn out the way I had planned and if had gotten skunked while atleast trying that wouldn't have nearly been as bad as just paying $450 to sit and look at water all day.

Anonymous said...

Dude that sucks and sorry to hear that as well Troutdawg. Hopefully your next trip is with a better guide service.


gordon said...

wow - we had almost the same experience. his puppy scratched my son in the car. he forgot the fly rod that he had promised to bring and wasted 1/2hr going back to get it. spent over an hour net casting for bait. Pepsi hit my step-father in the head with a heavy jig. thte trip consisted of pepsi throwing out lures, trolling and having a lousy time. never even got a chance to us a fly rod. a very poor, expensive experience.

Chase said...

I appreciate the review. I'm staying just outside of Quepos in January and am looking to use my fly rod and only my fly rod.