Monday, October 27, 2008

Fly Fish Addiction Photo Contest!

FFA Loves to see Exotic Fish Species!
What better occasion than our annual Fly Fish Addiction Photo Contest. All pictures apply, the strangest, weirdest, large/small, united states or united ocean.....anything goes! Let's see who has or can find the strangest Fish out there~

Contest Rules:
How can I enter?
Easily, simply reply to this posting below under "Comments" after Posted by Troutdawg

How to Post Pictures?
You can post it in the comment section via HTML tags via Flickr , Imageshack
or you can log into your Google account and use your handle to post as well.
*Easiest way also is to post comment and include your Imageshack or Fickr (http:// LINK that has the picture) when it asks for posters name use the name/url section to post it! When we click on your name, it goes to the picture.

As a last resort, If Posting problems occur please email picture or pictures to and I will post them.

Information about Picture and Poster?
Please list information if you have it on fish or where caught, if you do not have this not a problem. Please also include your name and city also.
Contest runs until December 1 and the winner will be announced!

What will I win?
The book "Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die" By Chris Santella

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Anonymous said...

Great Idea I'll have to send one of my favorites..


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see others pictures on here, crazy pic you have on the post Troutdawg!


Anonymous said...

Checkout this fish I caught last Fall :)

Billy B

Anonymous said...

Here is another Funny Fish Picture!

Chris Paust

*Click on name in link for picture