Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kokanee Salmon Fishing!

Kokanee and Sockeye Fishing on a Fly!

More great pictures and top tips on how to catch them HERE

Kokanee Salmon

They are found in the Rocky west and here in Colorado there are a number of places to target them.Rivers of choice during the Fall:Gunnison towards almont in eary to late September.South platte, or Dream Stream section below Spinney. Look each Fall mid to late October for some fun runs.Blue river above Green mountain rez is everyones favorite and from mid Sept and on this place can be loadaed with fish.Kokanee feed mostly on zooplankton and will not eagerly take a fly in most circumstances. But, like most fish, become agressive during the spawn. Preparation for the trip included talking to quite a few fisherman that have experience with kokanee. Fish nymph patterns deep was the common theme.

Kokanee won’t normally move to hit a nymph pattern, but if you can bump them in the nose they will snap at it.

Other popular flies:Red Copper Johns, Egg patterns, Big streamers

Sockeye Salmon are often called the somewhat shy salmon; They are also known as Red Salmon in Alaska. The land locked version of this species is known as the Kokanee salmon. Unlike the other species of Pacific salmon, Sockeye salmon feed almost exclusively on Plankton. This unique trait makes them more reluctant to chase and/or strike a fly placed in front of them. Because of their feeding behavior and the fact that the adults may travel very far upstream to spawn, on the order of several hundred miles to reach their spawning ground, their meat is very rich and are considered to be the best tasting of the salmon species.Getting a Sock to take your fly is not always easy. It can be crazy at times to see your fly being presented to numerous fish without so much as even a look. The flies that have been the most successful at catching Sockeye tend to be very sparsely tied. The take is very subtle but you'll definitely know once you've hooked one of these fish as they immediately torpedo up and then back down stream, turn around, head back up.


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