Monday, October 13, 2008

Dream Stream Fishing For Big Fish!

Big Browns on the Dream Stream
After many said I was crazy for going fishing on the Dream when it was suppose to rain, snow, stay windy and of all things crowded.....I went!

spawning brown trout

What did I encounter, no rain, no snow, few crowds due to the Broncos game, and blue sky weather all day. I think the only downfall of the day was that I went to bed at 12:30 and awoke at 4:30 for a quick trip to South Park .

When I got there I only noticed one vehicle in the parking lot, that was definitely a good sign of things to come. I fished the lower part towards 11 mile Rez, the most people I ran into were 3 others for the 1st half of the day.
dream stream fishing2
The fishing started off a bit slow but than picked up when I was able to get a 21" Cutty to take my sparkle winged RS2, crazy fight that was. After that nothing but dinks rising all over and after a few I grew tired of that and went in search of big fish.

I did notice lot's of Rainbows in spawn mode and plenty of bows paired up so that's always strange to see in the Fall. The wind picked up a bunch and after a few tangles it was time for the streamer rod and a drive over to the upper section. About 6 cars in the middle lot of the upper section so I was ready for a few more people. I fished a few holes caught a few more dinks and noticed some bigger fish in an upper hole. I was all over it! Still slinging my streamers out I got the tug and wham, off to the races. Long story short I was able to net this sweet brown and pure redemption from the Big fish I lost this past Spring. It definitely had been beaten up a bit and I was only able to take a few pics since I didn't want to do more harm. Funny thing is you never have that money shot you always want when there's no one to help take the pictures for you, they never look as big as they really are! A long day of fishing came to a close and I was done for the day after that. Though plenty of fish were stull rising as I walked away I called it a day and headed home on this amazing Fall day in South Park.




Anonymous said...

Huge Brownie!!

Co Springs

Anonymous said...

Big browns in the Dream Stream. Can't wait to ger back there again next year.


Troutdawg said...

That place has some big fish indeed but also the crowds, better get there early or time it right during the week for success