Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fly Fishing Injuries and How to Prevent Them!

Fly Fishing Recovery Period From Fishing Injuries! How To Tackle Fishing Injuries

So I'm celebrating my 6 months of Rehab from my Shoulder surgery! After a freak accident while in Patagonia at the start of 2008, I tore my Labrum AKA my shoulder's glenoid ripped but due to many fishing trips in 2008, I threw caution to the wind and waited until October before repairing it and going under the knife.

How was Rehab you ask.....Uhhhh that's all I can say! You need it, you do it, you hate it but move on. After 300 hours of rehab since I had to start after my injury, it's been a Looooooong Road and Happy to say I'm close to being back on track so Fish Beware and my Boca Grande Tarpon Trip looks perefect...well I'm bringing some Meds so I should be fine!

I've been out already 20 times so far so you knew it wouldn't take me long, injury or not, and I even made it out sight fishing for Carp 3 days after my surgery at REI, though rod not in hand since I could barely lift my arm up anyway.

Here are a few tips to look out for while fishing and for injuries that may affect your fishing. Recovery is important whether tendonitis, casters elbow or a stiff neck from casting to Bonefish all day.
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Fish Hook Injury
Injury Prevention Books
Fly Fishing Injuries

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Anonymous said...

Nice write up and yes, fishing injuries definitely bite!