Friday, April 24, 2009

Pike Season is Here! Pike on a Fly and Fighting The Crowds

Colorado Pike Fishing, Watchout for Those Big Teeth!
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Here's an idea, let's head out to fish a local favorite Lake of mine and since it's a Tuesday 6am, not a problem having the place to ourselves.....Wrong! Thanks to Charlie Myers and Bass Pro Shops for the Public Notification

Despite a favorite local waterway opening recently one weekend we thought we would beat the crowds and fish it during the week, well so did about 150 others the same day. Not quite what I had in mind, but than again what do you do, the words out, unemployment is pretty high so there's a bunch of guys out there doing their interviewing on the water.

pike fishing colorado

Nick, from Reelescape Films, came along for some fun as well as my other Fishing Pal Steve. Both had a great time and Nick got into those Toothy critters right away...Can you say on the 2nd cast, nice going! Fun time had by all for despite an early fish outing before work. I could do this everyday. I think we'll wait a few weeks till the crowds drop otherwise it may be a bit too Kenai River -es for me.

pike on the fly fly

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All about the grab said...

I'm so lucky here on Replot island in Finland If I see one person fishing withing a 1 km radius of me. Spent this last weekend with my partner fly-fishing for pike and didn't see a single sole....I feel very lucky to have these kind of conditions.Nice blog by the way,and will be popping back from time to time to check up on your Pike on the fly exploits.