Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catching Colorado's Kokanee Salmon

Kokanee Fishing on a Fly!
More great pictures and top tips on how to catch them HERE

Kokanee Salmon
They are found in the Rocky west and here in Colorado there are a number of places to target them. Rivers of choice during the Fall: The Gunnison towards Almont in eary to late September. South platte, or Dream Stream section below Spinney also is a must. Look each Fall mid to late October for some fun runs as well . The Blue river above Green mountain rez is everyone's favorite and from mid Sept and on this place can be loaded with fish that can be easily targeted. Kokanee feed mostly on zooplankton and will not eagerly take a fly in most circumstances. But, like most fish, become agressive during the spawn and shortly thereafter. Preparation for the trip included talking to quite a few fisherman that have experience with kokanee. Fish nymph patterns deep was the common theme. Kokanee won’t normally move to hit a nymph pattern, but if you can bump them in the nose they will snap at it.

Other popular flies: Red Copper Johns, Egg patterns, Egg sucking leeches, Big streamers
Sockeye Lantern Copper Swan Sockeye Fly Shad Fly ChartreuseRed Hot

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