Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colorado DOW Wants Anglers Input on Key Issues

The DOW wants anglers' input as it reviews regulations
By Karl Licis Article Link

When it comes to talking, fishermen are a loquacious lot. Whether to pass the time between bites, build anticipation for the next trip or alibi for a slow day on the water, they talk. And talk some more. More often than not the fish talk, as talking about the weather, is idle conversation, but with the Colorado Division of Wildlife beginning its review of fishing regulations for the next five years, fishermen have an opportunity to direct their discussion where it counts.

Important Topics To Be Addressed
Mackinaw vs. kokanee salmon: Mackinaw are top-of-the-line predators that grow to trophy size in Blue Mesa Reservoir and several other waters.
Reduced kill on the Arkansas River tailwater: The river below Pueblo Dam has emerged as a popular destination for fishermen, especially through the winter.
Walleye size limits: Many eastern Colorado reservoirs have size restrictions on walleyes.
Expanded bow- and spear-fishing opportunities: At present, carp may be taken statewide, gizzard shad and suckers on the Eastern Slope
Extra rods for carp- A group of tournament carp fishermen has requested a change to allow using up to four rods.

Other issues to be evaluated might include tightened limits at Antero Reservoir, special regulations for portions of Clear Creek, reduced limits and method restrictions for some higher-elevation lakes in southwest Colorado, review of gold-medal and wild-trout-water designations, and tighter restrictions on taking live minnows from one body of water for use as bait in another.

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