Monday, April 26, 2010

Most Exotic Species To Catch on a Fly! Golden Dorado, GT's and Peacock Bass

FFA Poll Results Are Finally In

Fly Fish Addiction started a poll recently at the request of others, to determine that all important question "What Exotic species would I love to catch?" Sure there's quite a number of species to catch -good problem to have, the question put to the test is What one exotic species would I truly love to catch on a fly? This is one of the closest polls we've ever had and it came down to the last day with three species tied. There are hundreds of exotic species to target but we narrowed down to the most popular. Sorry Milkfish, Triggerfish, smallmouth yellowfish, dogfish, vampire fish and sheefish fans. Here's the Results

Top species choice targeted by Fly Fisherman (FFA Poll)
Peacock Bass 28%
The winner by a small margin,Large Peacocks are tops in the Fly world
Tigerfish 23%
Taimen 21%
Golden Dorado 23%
GT Giant Trevally 18%
Large European Puccini Trout 7%

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Anonymous said...

That's one that I would love to catch for sure


Troutdawg said...

I hear ya, anyone of these I would take in a heartbeat. Something about catching a Tigerfish sounds pretty appeasing as well