Sunday, May 9, 2010

Antero Reservoir Fishing is Open! Why Are There So Many Cars & People?

Antero Reservoir is Back and So Are The Big Fish/Crowds

The reports are out and everyone in Colorado has seen the news, Antero has opened and so have the crowds! I had a chance to fish Antero this weekend but plans changed work was calling and I had to bail!

For those who have counted down the days, it's finally here so grab your boats and head to the lakes with a few thousand of your not so closest friends. Antero Reservoir is a great fishery and everyone in a tri-state area knows that so prepare yourself for another South Park welcome when heading this way.

Best Local Tips
Big fish available? You bet if you're lucky enough
Plenty of crowds there? You better believe it, prepare for the lines
Bad weather to fish in? That's it and 40mph windy days expected
Callibaetis? Doubt it you're a bit early try some Chironomids
Boat or Land? Boat if you like fighting the wind, land if you like a shorter distance to your car to run back to when it turns South
Tips on how to fish it? Look for a baitchucker with a stringer of fish,than you know you've gone to far,turn around immediately and run

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Anonymous said...

That's Hilarious, you had me going at first! I hope the place won't be too crowded this Summer when I visit Colorado.


Troutdawg said...

Glad you enjoyed it! To fish Antero one needs a since of humor and Humility for sure