Thursday, May 6, 2010

Georgia's Spring Bass Bite Is On!

Looking For Big Bass Georgia Has It!

If you're a serious bass fisherman, odds are that you probably live in the South...sorry my California pals. The South (ie: Georgia) had the world record bass for decades and how did I know, I grew up down the road from where it was caught. Bass on a fly are one of the most exciting bites in the game so make sure to get out and try it if you haven't yet!

Mind you California has become the new leader in Bass fishing thanks to some dandy water near San Diego and other parts down low, but Georgia still has more bass ponds to shake a stick at and get into more double digit bass than almost anywhere. Texas and Florida are still a great choice as well and there plenty of big boys in Mexico if you really want some action. No, Colorado Bass fishing is not even close to being in the same conversation, but it's still nice to chase a few on some warm weather days here in the Rockies.

My friend and fishing Pal Dr. Rawlins, a former Colorado big trout guru, knows a few things about how to catch big bass and to spends ample amount of time learning how to do so out on his ponds or local Georgia Lakes. I can't wait to get back there to get on a few myself and wish I could have scheduled a trip just in time for the Spring bite.

Georgia Bass are known to grow pretty big and when you have local lakes like Lake Oconee or Lake Sinclair to fish, odds are in your favor to get into a few bass over 5lbs each time out if lucky! Need a private lesson and some how to, contact Rachel Crumbley with Callaway Gardens on how to catch a Bass on a fly, their fly shop is well known for targeting bass and lessons. What species of Bass can one expect to catch in Georgia? Shoal bass, Red eye bass, smallmouth, spotted bass and of course Largemouth make up the large percentage of bass caught in these parts. Growing up an hour or two from some of the top water in the country for bass made my childhood very memorable, to those heading this way, the top lakes in Georgia to target monster Bass that I would recommend would be:

1. Clark's Hill Lake
2. Lake Hartwell
3. Lake Oconee
4. Lake Sinclair
5. Jackson Lake
6. Lake Lanier
7. West Point Lake
8. Bartlett's Ferry
9. Lake Eufaula
10. Lake Seminole

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