Thursday, December 2, 2010

Clearwater Beach Holiday Vacation Fishing Pictures!

Tampa Area Fun

Another great trip back to my favorite area in Florida, okay next best area to Boca Grande. Waking up to fish, coming back for some Turkey, watching College Football, beachside watching amazing sunsets and finishing of the day at a local seafood grill eating fresh catch and cold mojitos! Yeah it was a tough one for sure...Ha!

A special thanks goes out to Michael's friend who let us take out his sweet $100,000 24ft Scheaffer boat to cruise around and find some fish with, that was one sweet ride. Another special thanks goes out to Capt Rich (The Salwater Hook Up http:/// a friend of Michael's and who knows this water as good as anybody I've met down there. Besides graduating college this month, he spends his week out chasing Saltwater species and after being out 7 days prior, he didn't disappoint. Good to meet another Salt diehard and for taking us out.

Michael is one lucky Dawg living down that way and fishing each weekend. Glad my sis gave us permission to go out for some fishing and to let him out for a few hall passes.

Gorgeous fish and one hard fighting grouper to bite! We were spoiled with the sightings of Manatees, dolphins and plenty of scenery to keep me coming back for more.

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Fishguy said...

Glad you had fun down in my neck of the woods. Great weather lately has brought out some decent redfishing an snook at night. Sweet pictures again.

Troutdawg said...

You've been pretty spolied lately I'm sure. What's even better is that I got back to Denver and it's now 60', Winter is doing okay by me so far this year.

Unknown said...

Great pictures. Looks like you guys had a killer vacation. Some balmy Florida weather sounds really great right about now, it is 16 degrees outside my window! -stephanie

Troutdawg said...

We had a blast down there and am starting to miss that weather for sure. I hope it warms up for you being 16' out uhhh. Moving to Colorado soon?

Unknown said...

Indeed we are moving to Colorado soon, January 07th as a matter of fact. We cannot wait! -stephanie

Michelle said...

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Thanks ahead and happy holidays to you and the rest of your family. :)