Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Fly Fishing Discounts..Yes There Are Still Some Deals Out There!

It's Time To Shop

Here comes the Holidays and time to get your butt into full shopping mode! With more time intown working it seems and attending a few parties lately, I think all of us wish we were up enjoying a few more casts on a local stream this winter. The thought of more fly fishing goodies found under the Christmas tree is always a welcomed blessing and even more so could be the idea of giving to a few others as well. Hmm there's a concept most guys aren't use to, well truth be told... myself and just trying to remember birthdays are tough enough.

There's discounts out there and if you know where to look you may find a few Golden eggs for the Holidays! Those who know me know that I find some sweet deals every so often and have been known to help a few of you out there with some sweet fly fishing packages. Whether it's a new Tibor Backcountry reel for a just over a $100, a new G loomis GLX 6wt for $100 or Orvis reels for $50!

First and foremost I am an advocate for heading to your local fly shop to help them since they can always use another fish bum like yourself to sell a few items to. They have some incredible deals this time of year if you just ask or have a look around. Another great portal for fly fishing gifts is my friend Ben Furimsky's The Angling Bookstore, not your average bookstore but simply a great site for all types of Holiday Fly Fishing Goodies!

A few other sites worth looking into vary depending on what your wishlist consist of or what your fishing pals may be in need of. Some popular sites you can try out include:

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