Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas To All!

Don't Forget To Give Back..Happy Festivis

It's been a great year so far and I've got plenty to be thankful for, as do most of you I'm sure. With the year passing us by and the Holiday Season upon us, don't forget the idea of giving back. It might be the most wonderful time of the year, as the Christmas jingle goes. But for many families, the post-Thanksgiving, pre-holiday period is the worst time of the year. Gifts need to be planned, presents need to be bought, and stockings need to be stuffed. Charitable giving is on people's minds but then reality bites–there's only a finite amount of money and needs have to be balanced against wants. Giving back is a Holiday tradition for many it seems makes and one feels much better but it can also put in ever present smile on someone's face that last awhile.

There's no right or wrong way to give and any organization to your liking will do, just think of those that may not be as fortunate. I have friends in the Military and think about how lucky we are to have people like that who put their lives at stake for us, it's truly amazing. I also think about it being such a disastrous economy and friends who may have given up their homes or jobs in the last year so do what you can for friends and families who may have gone through this rocky road on 2010.

My Annual Maxfund Shelter Toy Drive, Lot's of goodies and hopefully some Happy pet faces!

Lastly, I'm heavily involved in Animal Rescue and feel that awareness always need to be paid to helpless animals out there each Holiday also. Whether someone couldn't afford to care for them or a few dogs that may be days away from you know what, think about a local shelter or organization to give to if you truly can make a difference no matter what organization or charitable cause, just bless a few others if you've been blessed this year.

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Unknown said...

Our animal rescue places love to get towels. It is an easy/inexpensive thing to give. Paper towels are another biggie. Helping others feels good. Thanks for your inspiring post.

Troutdawg said...

Something inexpensive like that really goes a long way, many of my friends raided a $1 store and bought lot's of doggy stuff there as well. Thanks for posting and enjoy your Holidays