Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Fly Fishing Fix..The Mountains Here I Come

Time To Get Out

Getting a little stir crazy, it's time to get back out for some tightlines! While Denver has been having some wild weather lately, weather that at times beats Florida for daily winter highs has got locals perplexed as to when we're getting some snow again. If you need a snow fix or in my case, a trout fix, point your car and west, take a left on I-70 from Golden and pick your ample Trout water. I'm off for some fishing, Holiday festivas and hopefully a little skiing if I'm lucky.

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Unknown said...

Fishing, festivities and skiing...sounds like a recipe for a fantastic holiday season. Enjoy! -stephanie

Troutdawg said...

Congrats on the Move! More Hunting and Fishing to come your way I'm sure. Can't wait to hear more, drive safe