Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Smallmouth Bass Season in The Denver Front Range Area

Smallmouth Bass Season is Here

When Summer get's closer and the rivers are washed out, guess what I'm doing most weekends? Yes probably Carping or if lucky enough and the timing works out, smallmouth bass fishing. I was raised in South Georgia where bass fishing went hand in hand with pretty much everyone who lived there. In fact I learned to fly fish some 30 years ago via bass ponds and smallmouth bass fishing on the creeks. One thing is for certain, there's nothing like bass fishing on a fly rod to get you pumped up for Summer fishing.

I was lucky enough to get out this weekend for some Warmwater Bass fishing around the Metro Denver area. My friend Steve and his son Ethan join me as well and it turned out to be a decent day after all with Steve getting hooked up 1st and Ethan getting into his first warmwater fishing of the season as well.

We set out for a choice pond that I know of roughly 15 minutes from my house and holds some huge Smallmouth's! When I say nice smally's I'm not talking state record 5lbrs like Aurora Rez but there are some dandy 3lbrs in here, they just decided to stay away from us this time out.


Crayfish patterns of the day consisted of autumn splendors and meatwhistles. I was fortunate enough to get into a few decent fish and talk about hammering the fly, wow! One estimated 2-3lbs broke me off, talk about dissapointment.

Finishing the day off by fishing another local pond close to my house, nothing like a few clouds to cool things off this hot Summer day. Stay tuned....I have a Carp thread coming up also from this weekend that may interest you as well.

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

Nice fish guys

Troutdawg said...

Thanks, boy do those smally's provide a fun fight on a light weight fly rod!

testflycarpin said...


Troutdawg said...

Ha..thought you would like that. Tried my best the other day for 2 hours on a monster grassy no go so back to the river for some fun

Fishguy said...

Great day out Tdawg, wish we had smallies in Florida.

Troutdawg said...

Thanks we have smallies, you have Peacock bass...hmmm that's a toss up~