Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out With Fly Carpin....Get Ready For High Water!

When Lakes Don't Work Head To High Water

We finally had the time, we finally had the we just needed for the right conditions to go chase a few Golden's this Saturday. Good luck and in Carp fishing it's never quite that easy.

Fellow Carp addict McTage from Fly Carpin joined me for a day out in the Metro area to do what we love, chase those finicky feeding Carp. That's just what we found this Saturday and fortunately we always have a back up plan when it comes to these guys.

Troutdawg on the prowl-McTage chasing a nice Common Carp as well

The day started with a Lake we've both fished time and time again and lately, it's treated me fairly well. In fact the day prior I rode by just to preview what the day looked like and wasn't disappointed at all. In fact, there must have been 75+ carp in these flats I fish and not only feeders but very happy Carp eager to bite!

Isn't it funny how you think it should go and how it actually goes is in fact most days one expects when out fly fishing? We arrived to my honey hole on the flats at Lake X to find only a few carp moving around and about 50 geese bedded down. What theheck we'll try our luck anyway. After chasing a few and not sold on how this lake was producing it was off to plan B..or was it plan D since the River was blown out?

Regardless of what the lakes are doing, river levels are at or what Carp season it is I always have a spot or two in waiting. McTage knew plenty of areas to hit as well, you see this guy Carp fishes more than me and has definitely paid his dues in some Carp water. Not only that but he also knows how to tie a few sweet flies as well worth checking out "you can ask Montana Fly or see for yourself". When you spend as much time on the water as this guy, there's not much he doesn't know when it comes to Carp, but it was nice to compare techniques and strategies seeing how we fish fairly similar styles.

"We hit my honey hole on the Platte and within 5 minutes I was on about 5 feeders tearing up the river bottom," a much welcomed site seeing how the prior 2 hours were not as fruitful. The next thing that happened was my line ripping out of my 8wt Lamson reel and fish on! No time to waste and it was time to jump in to the Platte for some fun. Before I knew it she had worked me downstream into some cover and I pulled it! Bummer but that's what happens...

McTage hooked up a few minutes later and was in the middle of the River before I knew it. Minutes later and some give-takes, a fat Common Carp was landed and it was happy slime time! We both had a few more shots and I had another pull out and 2 "golden" opportunities but I dropped the ball....not my day. Hey not bad though for a few hookups in an hours time than I head to head out!

Another fine Carp day, whether you land one or not it's always about the challenge, presentation and scratch marks from ambush fishing that keep you coming back again the following week.

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Unknown said...

The more posts I see on this carp action the more I want to give it a shot. Looks like fun

Troutdawg said...

Absolutelty, it's an acquired taste for sure but once you try it and get that tug, you're literaly hooked!

testflycarpin said...

That was allot of fun, especially since we still hooked up when the river was so high. It is still holding steady about where it was too...carpin anyone?

Troutdawg said...

Great time and glad that nasty cut on my leg didn't have to come face to face with the lovely flowing S Platte! High water or not there's still Carp out there feeding`

John Montana said...

You co guys have a great community of carpers. I am still a pariah out here!

Troutdawg said...

Thanks John, yeah we've got a fair number of guys who are getting into lately it seems. You guys seem to have the bigger ones though so a bit jealous of that!