Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are You Dream Streamin?

Late Summer and Fall Fishing on The Dream Stream
Link to Fish Pictures and Dream Stream Info

Dream Stream fishing can be good, or in 90% of the cases this past year, very crowded and windy. Either way, there are always a fair amount of nice fish to go after if you know where to look, where to hide from the masses and the right flies to use. Do your homework and expect to do some walking in order to catch some nice fish in this neck of the woods. Big fish thrive on big food and from my picture above, I think you know what size of fish could eat these Lobsters!

Late Summer as well as Fall fishing has been a fun one despite low numbers of browns being spotted and warmer temps than normal. Each trip arriving even as early as 7am can still have atleast 5 cars in each parking lot so be prepared to fight the crowds, the wind and leave the small rods at home!

Dream Stream Reports/Fish Pics/Info

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Anonymous said...

We hit the dream stream last weekend but still too crowded to fish. I guess this place never stops packing in the folks enough to have a good day


Troutdawg said...

Yeah I've heard the same thing, I guess if you get there late afternoon or go in December that's about the best one can expect for not having crowds there.