Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Fishing Stillwaters..Flies and Tips!

Bring On Fall Stillwater Fishing

With Fall brings in cooler temps and a renewed activity when it comes to trout feeding as well as fewer crowds. Yes, stillwater is not for everyone and I still can hear a few of my friends commenting on "why would I want to fish stillwater in the fall?" All I can respond is that if you want to catch big fish, enjoy fewer crowds and an easier technique to catch fish, stillwater is your ticket.

Trout spend much more time in shallower water during this time frame so they can be easier targets and the much needed skill for the rest of the year is somewhat thrown out the window. Do I fish with Chironomids? I don't think so for Fall, sure you can, but a majority of flies used will consist of Leeches, scuds, damsel nymphs and any big streamers you can throw!

I'm partial to big streamers and whether or not you want to throw leech patterns, big crayfish patterns, muddler minnows or mouse patterns at night, they will all produce. Keep in mind that you want to focus on lakes with large brown trout populations, why? Due to Fall bringing on the spawn period for brown trout this makes them very active, not saying at all to target spawning trout, but due to the various periods that make up this time frame many of the brown trout and rainbow populations will be quite active for tightlines. Here in Colorado Antero is not targeted as much but still fishes well. I would focus my efforts on the Delaney Buttes area as well as Spinney Mtn Rez. Other areas of focus would also include Hebgen lake, Henry lake, Duck or Pryamid lakes.


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Anonymous said...

Sweet ties! I too am partial to swingin' streamers, especially in the fall! Awesome blog, and site!

Troutdawg said...

I love streamer action for sure and there's nothing like that feeling you get when a big trout nails an articulated!

Looking forward to meeting you at the Trout Happy Hour with Larry on Wed.