Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Record Brown Trout and Another Great Fishing Video!

The TrophyStalkers Are Back Again!

I'm sorting through my emails on another boring Wenesday morning when I noticed an email from my friends at The Trophy Stalkers. All I can think of is, where have they been again and how large are the fish they've caught! The next 15 minutes are consumed by another sweet video chasing large brown trout and leaving me for more! Did it disappoint, I don't think so! Are there big fish involved? You better believe it, am I headed to Wisconsin next Fall....you can answer that one for me!

Nice going guys on the record brown trout and another sweet video. Can't wait to see what's next and to hopefully see you back in Colorado next Spring for some fishing.

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Unknown said...

Still a great video and some monster browns.

Unknown said...

Whether you keep it or release it, it is not a world record.

Troutdawg said...

Yeah they were some monster browns for sure. I think they were class line records for some of the browns they caught. Can't wait to get up there myself and get on a few.

Unknown said...

understandable there.
keep the good work up, nice blog.

Anonymous said...

They were 12# and 14# line class records. We would probably also have the 6#, 8#, and 10#, but we've never really kept track before. There are some monster fish out there.

Love checking out the blog!