Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun Night With The Midge Masters Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka

Great Dinner Night Out With Friend's and The Midge Experts!
Link to our after Party and another fun night

I'm still reeling from a fun Party the other night. My friend Brian had a few people over for dinner including the Midge Masters..Rick Takahashi, Jerry Hubka and others. Brian did most of the photography for this new book, check it out it's every fly fisherman's perfect fishing bible!

Talk about a fun evening we had eating enough food to feed an army, talking about recent/future fish outings, incredible midge patterns, upcoming fly tying events and what's new on the market for fly fishing equipment. The story's that were told I'm still chuckling about, whether it was one of Gary Okizaki's wild tales or Todd's. Most know Gary as one of the premiere guides at Blue Quill Angler and has become a well known name in the guiding community as well as fly tying community.

Rick and Jerry are also great guys and very well known on the tying industry, especially in the midge field. Just one look at their background and knowledge of midge patterns truly blows you away, all it takes is one look at their new book to marvel at the styles of patterns they've developed over the years. All I can say is that I can't wait to see what's in store next for the guys and books/videos for the next few years. Jerry continuously stay on the go from the Modern Midge Book to also helping with Pat Dorsey's recent Fly Fishing Tailwaters book, he is always
busy it seems.

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Anonymous said...

I just bought this the other day and really am impressed by all the patterns in there. I know what I'll be doing this winter.


Troutdawg said...

This book has it all, it definitely has some of the nest patterns out there right now and 2 of the best guys out there that know their stuff! Can't wait to meet up with them again for another fun night or fun day out on the water

Anonymous said...

Great write up, I just got this last month and loving every bit of it. Rick and Jerry are primo tyers, I have a long way to go.

Co Springs