Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Destination Florida Redfishing..Thanksgiving Escape!

Time To Get On A Few Reds, Albie's and Snook On The Fly

Any chance I get to get back to Florida I'm all over it! Due to cheap flights, a free condo to stay at on the Beach in Clearwater, access to a boat and a ton of water to choose from....I'm There. A few times a year I get back down South to chase some Redfish, Snook, False albacore, Jacks, or if I'm lucky, Tarpon!

With the weather cooling down, most redfish are settling into their fall and early winter homes around the ICW. Most bait is also pushing to deeper water and getting thin on the flats. With water cooling off and the few cold fronts starting, the action in the skinny water really starts to heat up. With big schools in full force roaming the flats in search of crustaceans, shrimp, chubs, greenbacks, and any other type of bait that might be an easy meal off the flats. Schools can range from just a few fish to as big as a football field. I have seen fish from 15 inches to 25lbs on the flats this time of year. You can still land the big Bull Reds with your typical light tackle rigs or 7 weight fly rod, but they definitely test your angling skills and put your tackle to the test. Destin, Florida is also another great place I like to Redfish, I grew up going there and if you can time it right, that place has some Monster Bulls as well.

We're set up for some guiding one day around the Homasassa area and hope to hit a few hotspots in the ICW for the remainder in the daytime. Lagoon areas and some backwater canals at night around docks will be where my fly will be flying so wish me some luck!

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marinews123 said...

Fishing is kind of art and it needs a lot experience to decide which place will be perfect for fishing at what time.

Troutdawg said...

Absolutely I couldn't agree with you more, especially that being of Saltwater. Thank goodness I have some people who know what they're doing down there to show me where to go. It's almost the same with trout fishing here as well, whether you know what the fish are doing or just looking to have a nice day out on the water, either one compliments the other.