Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jack Nicklaus, Fly Fishing Birthday's at Christmas Island

The Golden Bear, It's Christmas Time
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What many people don't know is that Fly Fishing and Golf go hand in hand. Sorry we won't bring up that Tiger guy fly fishing with my Pal Capt Al in Boca or near the British Open many times, nope not going to talk about that guy this time, contact TMZ if you need a fix. Others like Mark Omeara and Johnny Miller love to wet a line any chance they get as well.

Here’s Jack Nicklaus’ response to turning 70: He’s heading for the spot where the clock will mark that landmark event as soon as possible.

And he won’t be overly reflective after he spends the day fly-fishing on Christmas Island, an Indian Ocean paradise that is on the eastern edge of the International Date Line — meaning midnight Jan. 21 occurs there before any other inhabited place on Earth."It just happened to fall that way," said Nicklaus, a World Golf Hall of Fame member who won a record 18 majors. "I guess they’re always the first place to celebrate the New Year, so I’ll celebrate my birthday early that day,

Get after it Jack, Happy Birthday! I can still remember my first Golden Bear putter at age 12 made from my hometown's Macgregor Facility, lots of good memories from that putter and many triple bogey's...thanks!

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Fishguy said...

I never knew he fly fished? Interesting, I'm sure there's a few out there that do. Can't wait to get back on the lins myself

Troutdawg said...

Yeah he's heavily into it. David Deval is a big one as well that loves his steelhead. Hope it warms up down South for your boys in FLA