Monday, January 4, 2010

Top Fly Fishing Shows on TV, Wintertime Saltwater Destinations on The Brain

dreamin saltwater

Wintertime Dreaming!

For all of those that enjoy watching Fly Fishing Shows You Know Who You Are this new show for you! For most, Wintertime means catching up with your wife/kids, girlfriend, possibly work that is way overdue, if that's the case sit back and relax; this Show will take you away. Whether it's to my haunts in the Keys Bonefish Country or past trips to Belize or Costa Rica, anywhere other than this cold, snowy areas is where I want to be.

"Pirates on The Flats" include a star cast including Lefty Kreh, Michael Keaton, Tom Brokaw -yeah I know, Thomas McGuane, Yvon Chouinard, Bill Klyn, and Val Atkinson, one of my favorites. Check your Local ESPN listings to see when the next episode is.

More Great Fishing Shows Listed Here To Wet Your Appetito
Also check your Tivo DVR settings, mine just lit up with about 15 shows now that 2010 is here, all the shows are back on again and have started there new season of fishing shows!

Other Favorites Include: Seasons on The Fly, Spanish Fly, TU on The Rise, Patagonic Waters, Familiar Waters, Hooked on The Fly, Hooked, Fly Fishing The World, Florida Sportsman, Adventure Guide, Dollar Wise Fly

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Fishguy said...

I watched this the other day and got me thinking of getting on a few Bones again soon. Nice write up

Troutdawg said...

I watched as well thanks to my Tivo since I have no idea what times it comes on. In fact my Tivo kicked in all these shows left over from last year, Friday it was filled with about 10 shows. I love it!