Monday, December 14, 2009

Fly Fishing Photography Week!

Time To Feature The Who's Who in Fly Fishing Photography
Jason Jagger shot above

Okay the first question is where to begin? Yeah I hear ya there is so much good stuff out there it's a tough call on where to start so I'll try. If you know of any new and upcoming talented photographers send them my way and I'll do my best to list them amongst my other favorites.

Everyone knows about Brian O'keefe the master traveler and photographer, he always kids me about showing up when he's here in Denver, I just say I'm waiting to carry his bags on his next trip and hope to catch another beer with him! He's the creator of
Catch Magazine and much more here. Then there's R. Valentine Atkinson...enough said! That guy has the most impressive shots I have ever seen and marvel and his years in the industry. Can't wait to see him again in January and ask where his next big adventure will be.

tosh brown tarpon shot
I'll be talking about others known, and many new artist that are up and coming such as Tosh Brown whose Tarpon picture below takes me back to the Keys every time I see it. Tosh has been featured in many magazines with even a popular Tarpon cover for the Drake also.

Another photographer here in Colorado that has been making his way in the industry for a number of years is Jason Jagger. The picture you see above has been one of my favorites since it came out and I can't believe the patience and skill needed to take such an incredible shot like that. He has so many sweet shots you definitely need to check out his site.


Jan Bach Kritensen is another featured artist we're listing here this week. With so many experienced photographers out there, Jan absolutely has something for everyone and from the travel pictures listed on his site, I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy his work!

*All pictures are copyrighted and are restricted from use without permission

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Fishguy said...

Boy is that an incredible shot of that rainbow coming up! Very nice

Troutdawg said...

I can remember when I first noticed it at a TU auction, everyone was in awe and still is. If only I had the skills, patience and equipment for a shot like that one!

Anonymous said...

What kind of equipment is needed for a shot like that? I have a Canon Rebel but not able take anything close to that good, plus my eyesight is headed downward so that doesn't help.


Anonymous said...

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