Friday, December 18, 2009

Incredible Fly Fishing Photographers Finale!

Yes There's More!

Okay I thought I would finish out the week strong with a few more top photographers. With a few more on Freshwater and my personal vice, Saltwater.

Brian Yamauchi is a close friend of mine and I'm just happy to get out on the water with him any chance I get. Whether he's spending his weekends at a celebrity fly tying event, taking pictures for publications like Rick Takahashi's recent Modern Midge book, or fishing a favorite local Stillwater spot, he's always busy doing something fishing related. Congrats also on your "Rising Rainbow" picture being featured for the Fly Fishing Show billboard advertisements.

Just to look at his patterns makes you want to eat it, it just looks to good and if I throw that out you can be rest assured I'm going to catch a fish with it!


Matt Schliske has it all, insanely sweet custom Bamboo rods to appease any fly fisherman and incredible fly fishing pictures to go along with his talents. Matt is another Coloradan that stays busy whether out on the water, building impressive Bamboo rods, taking pictures that take your breath away, or being written up by industry sites such as Midcurrent and Thisisflydaily. I can't wait to catch up with Matt at the Fly Fishing shows this year to see what's next for him!

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Fishguy said...

It had to end sooner or later I guess. Nice recap this week on Photographers Troutdawg, good stuff!

Troutdawg said...

Yeah, after all the response I had and guys that I couldn't fit in, there will definitely be another write up soon.

How's the weather down in FLA lately?