Monday, March 29, 2010

Abacos Bahamas Fly Fishing! Destination of The Month

Abacos is The Place To Be!

One of the more developed, and second largest island in landmass behind Andros, in the Bahamas, is the top Bonefishing destination Abaco. The countless islands and cays encompass a land area of approximately 5,350 squre miles. This offers boaters and anglers endless opportunities. The northern most island of Abaco is Walker’s Cay, which is world renown for it’s offshore fishing. The vastness of Abaco attracts sailors and other cruisers and makes it the Sailing capital of the Bahamas.

What to do besides fishing?
How about the famous Sand Bar -- It was Built at the end of two-hundred-yard-long pier that stretches over glass clear water with white sand bottom, this stunning open-air bar and restaurant services cold Kaliks, grilled burgers, grouper, conch salad, and sizzling fries along with other Bahamian specialties.

Top Flies to tie before Arriving:
Our favorite flies include Gotcha Clouser Minnows #2-4, Tan Clouser #2-6, Borski's Bonefish Critter and Sliders #2-4, Tan Dorsey's Kwan #4-6, Pink Bone Wiggler #4-6, Greg's Flats Fly #4-6, Gotchas and Bunny Gotchas #2-6, Beck's Sililegs #6, #4 Spawning Shrimp, and Veverka's Mantis Shrimp #4-6. Charlie patterns in white, gold, and pink in #2-6 are also consistent producers.

My Tips for Better Success:
Practice that casting ahead of time (yes we all need to)
For nervous Bones don't spook that outside Vanguard lookout in big schools
Use very long leaders to keep spook factor down
Use light patterns to parachute it down for better luck
Watchout for the Cuda's, there's plenty of em there

My Favorite Areas To Fish There:
With 120 miles of Cays and Islands seperated by the sea of Abaco there's plenty
*The Marls- basins, channels, shorelines and areas to hide from wind
No wading, only out of a skiff since soft bottoms
*Sandy Point- great wading areas to wade for some big bones with a harder bottom areas

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Fishguy said...

That's an incredible place! Went 2 years ago with my wife and this write up brings back some great memories, nice

Abaco Bahamas said...

Abaco Bahamas is a fantastic place where you can enjoy sailing. Abaco is a place, where millions of tourists throng to enjoy their time and make their holidays a memorable experience

Unknown said...

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