Monday, March 15, 2010

British Columbia Steelhead Top Fly Fishing Locations

Get Bent in British Columbia

It doesn't take long when asked "Where would you go for premiere Steelhead fishing". Though opinions may vary, it's hard to dispute the notion of any other place that boasts more great steelhead than in BC. California and Oregon also top the list for Steelhead destinations, BC still leads in a number of Steelhead conversations amongst my friends.

Where would you start? Here's a few you may know

Kispiox River
Home to some of the biggest Steelhead around go here

Season- Oct-Mid Dec
Avg Steelhead- 14lbs
Trophy Steelhead -30lbs+

Bulkley River
A mecca for great looking waters and easy on the wading, great fall fishing
Season- Mid Aug-Mid Nov
Avg Steelhead- 8-12lbs
Trophy Steelhead-20lbs

Babine River
A Steelheaders dream river, healthy runs and very nice size fish
Season- Early Sept-Early Nov
Avg Steelhead- 12lbs
Trophy Steelhead-20lbs

Skeena River
BC's 2nd largest river and major hwy for incredible Steelhead fishing, a top choice by many and though big, it's not as tough as many make it out to be
Season- Late July-Mid Oct
Avg Steelhead- 10lbs
Trophy Steelhead-25lbs

Yakoun River
Season- Located on the rough Queen Charlotte Islands it's one of the bigger in the region.Beautiful place with plush rainforest climates
Season-Nove-early April
Avg Steelhead- 12lbs
Trophy Steelhead-20lbs+

Dean River
One of my favorites as well as friends that frequent this great river. BC'S most famous Summer run Steelhead fishery for sure.
Season- June-Sept
Avg Steelhead- 11lbs
Trophy Steelhead-20lbs+

Gold River
Just as the name describes, there's gold in this river for sure when it comes to hook ups. It's finally rebounded after some tough years in the 90's.
Season- Dec-early April
Avg Steelhead- 8lbs
Trophy Steelhead-high teens

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Fishguy said...

I'm all about getting bent in British Columbia on some big boys. My co worker went last year and keeps rambling on about how awesome it was. One day I'll get there

Troutdawg said...

I'm ready to get up that way myself and try my luck and a beasty Steely. I have a feeling it may take a few trips to get a nice one but I'm game!