Friday, March 5, 2010

Ninety-Two In The Shade & Of Wind and Tides Fly Fishing Books

Great Fly Fishing Reads Beachside

Stu Apte "Of Wind & Tides"
Of Wind and Tides is a delightful autobiography of one of the world's true fishing legends. Starting in the 1930s, it books tells of Stu Apte's Naval service and Pan Am duties that took him to the exotic places where he honed his fishing skills. The book continues through the years of Apte's life with a variety of chapters on fishing with some of the sporting world's greatest celebrities, hosting star-studded fishing trips, and other lively adventures. This book is sure to entice the fishing world--from beginners to veterans

Thomas Skelton "Ninety in The Shade"
"Full of surprises and rewards and an exhilaration one feels only rarely.... I offer a gentle exhortation -- please read this book." -- NewsdayTiring of the company of junkies and burn-outs, Thomas Skelton goes home to Key West to take up a more wholesome life. But things fester in America's utter South. And Skelton's plans to become a skiff guide in the shining blue subtropical waters place him on a collision course with Nichol Dance, who has risen to the crest of the profession by dint of infallible instincts and a reputation for homicide. Out of their deadly rivalry, Thomas McGuane has constructed a novel with the impetus of a thriller and the heartbroken humor that is his distinct contribution to American pros.

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