Thursday, March 18, 2010

Early Spring Frying Pan River Fishing! Risers and More Risers

The Frying Pan from Reel Escape Films on Vimeo.

For those who haven't hit the Pan in awhile or for those heading that way shortly, this should appease to your trout senses. Early Spring can be some of the best fishing on the Frying Pan and the crowd hatch is a little less prolific as well.

Warmer day's, midge hatches, Olives flying around and big fish moving in. Let's be honest, when does the Pan ever fish poorly? The last time I had a day where I caught less than a dozen fish has been awhile ago so go when you can. Early Spring just rids the cabin fever in most and get's you far away from the crowds on streams like the Blue and Dream Stream.

Checkout the video trailer we did from some early Spring Risers. You may know the great videographer/fishing addict Nick Clement, he also recently produced "In The Land of Cutthroats" touring in the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Can't wait to see what's next in store for him.

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Anonymous said...

Great video and the Frying Pan looks like a trout fishermans paradise.


Troutdawg said...

It's one of my favorites and for good reason. Fish are always on the Rise there