Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Fly Fishing Gear Thanks To Uncle Sam

It's Tax Return Time

Yes it's that time of year, many curse Uncle Sam, I however am thankful for all my new goodies. It's only fair that after working so hard last year and spending soo much time away from the water to work my hardest 100 days out wasn't too bad that I should be rewarded. It wasn't as good as last years goodies, but who can complain.

What did I get you so kindly ask? My tax return brought me a few upcoming fishing trips this year I can't wait for, a few rods and a nice reel. A new G Loomis GLX 6wt, a Sage 5wt because I need 6 5wt's apparently and my new Tibor Backcountry Reel for chunking hefty flies and Saltwater. I'm pretty happy and can't wait to see how they do this upcoming fishing season! Having a smart tax advisor always helps, that or if you can guide one as a trade off even better.

Thanks Uncle Sam, it's about the only good thing you've given back in awhile@


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Fishguy said...

Nice graph there. Uncle Sammy was not so generous to me this year, I owe and owe and owe. So much for new gear for me this year. Good looking Tibor

Unknown said...

a guy can never have enough 5wts...

Troutdawg said...

Yeah my accountant really did a great job dividing up my spending for this graph..LoL

I think next year I might not me as lucky we'll see