Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Black Canyon of The Gunnison Fall Fishing Weekend

Head To The Gunnison Gorge Area For An Amazing Autumn Experience
Link To Our Trip Here

It’s hard to beat spending time in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison during the Fall. Outside of the San Juan’s, this has to be one of my favorite areas for sure. Very few crowds out on the water, remoteness, incredible weather and if you wanted to catch 30 fish, it’s not that very hard to do. Big fish are not as prevalent but when you’re there big fish, or any fish is that last thing you’re worried about with all of this great scenery.


You can have a good day, great day or an incredible day out on the Gunnison. Now whether that means catching 30 fish, or simply sittung back teo relax the spectacular scenery, either one bodes well for me. I think for most fisherman here, you can catch some nice fish, overall nothing huge but you can catch quite a few. Or one can sit back and marvel the granduer or some an amazing place is what brings me back here year after year.


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Fishguy said...

Man those are some sweet pictures of the canyon. How far down in the canyon did you go?

Troutdawg said...

Actually not as far as I would liked to have, was short on time so didn't do but a few miles in. Access can be tough in the canyon for most so it's nice to get some inside info from friend's if you ever make in there. Can't wait to float it maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

I get to float this next year also. My college roommate lives down thay way and I'm planning on a fun time and hopefully plenty of fish