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It combines impressive mountains ranges, active volcanoes, dense forest with millenarian trees, beautiful lakes and breathtaking glaciers to make it one of the last great wildernesses on the planet. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Patagonia:

Trekking: without doubt Patagonia is a true paradise for trekking, there are routes for everyone tastes. Every national park has well-marked routes with incredible landscapes and different degrees of difficulty. For the most daring trekkers long trans-andean crossings and hiking over the continental ice sheet are a must.

Animal sea life: Peninsula de Valdez is must-see place for lovers of wildlife. It contains the largest colony of elephant seals on the world, and it is an important gathering point for whales, penguins, and a multitude of seabirds.

Fly Fishing: Patagonia is a real outstanding place for the capture of trouts. It has an ideal temperature for Salmons, excellent waters and a wide variety of rivers and lakes to allow all fly-casting practices. Two outstanding places to visit are Junin de los Andes a town in the Neuquen province in the north part of Patagonia and Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego. In Junin de los Andes, the Malleo River has plenty of rainbow trouts during the entire season, but it is at the end of March when things become interesting. Big brown trouts enter the Chimehuin River from the Huechulafquen Lake, an event that no fly fisherman wants to lose. Rio Grande is a fishing place of worldwide fame for the capture of big sea trouts.

Alpinism: It is true that Patagonia doesn't have high mountains ranges, but it counts with several of the most beautiful and challenging peaks on the world. Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre in Argentina and Las Torres and los Cuernos del Paine in Chile are some of the reasons that climbers from all over the world have for traveling to this marvelous place.

Conclusion: no traveler interested in adventure that wants to enjoy nature at its best should miss the opportunity of experience Patagonia when traveling to Argentina.

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Patagonia fishing catalog goes paperless Outposts Los Angeles ...5 Apr 2010 by Kelly Burgess
Outdoor and fishing apparel manufacturer Patagonia is doing away with its traditional fly-fishing catalog, instead switching to an online "e-Catalog" only. "The fishing market is the right place to launch an e-Catalog," said Patagonia ...
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Casey Sheahan, Patagonia's angling CEO: “The fishing market is the right place to launch an e-Catalog. Anglers are online, engaged, and we're hoping they will help us get the word out on their own Facebook and Twitter pages,” continues ...
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Fly Fishing Blog Photos Podcasts Travel Gear and More ...4 May 2010 by El Guapo
It's too bad Patagonia waders suck and leak like your momma. May 4, 2010 Unregistered Commenter I only wear Patagucci. I'm on my third pair in a year, so they do not last "longer." But they are great waders, and Yvonne always gets my ...
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Coordinated restrictions for hake fishing in Patagonia's San Jorge ...8 Mar 2010
Argentine Fisheries Director Norberto Yauhar suspended the initiative to limit common hake (Merluccius hubbsi) fishing in waters of San Jorge gulf following a meeting with fisheries officials from Patagonian provinces.
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Click here to check out Patagonia's first digital fly fishing catalog. It is really sweet way to present & deliver a catalog. Just as Patagonia claims, the web-based catalog allows for more in-depth product information and more “soul of ...
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Patagonia/FishPond gear bags12 May 2010 by Mark Walker
New and unused Patagonia Double Haul bag. $65 including shipping CONUS. NIB FishPond Bighorn Gear Bag. I have two of these. Pics are of both. You get the new one in the box. $75 including shipping CONUS. Out of US, please iniquire. ...
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The awe-inspiring Cliffs Preserve at Patagonia, Chile is a pristine destination located in one of the most naturally stunning places in the world.
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You would think that a leg of “The Amazing Race” which didn't require flights would be focused on the tasks instead of the travel.
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Northern California Fishing Report April 2010 – Jack Trout ...28 Apr 2010 by admin
Any skill level can be accommodated and welcomed! We have gear available and hand tie all our own flies for each of the rivers we guide on in the Patagonia. We pick folks up from Valdivia or Puerto Montt airports. ... - jack trout's weblog - - References
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Or AHS bee strongly recommended to explore the charming town of Puerto Varas and German dominated the fishing center of Puerto Montt. If you can catch in one of the top five places in Chile, described here, or done in one of the other ...
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Puerto Montt is a port city and commune in southern Chile. The city's economy is now based upon agriculture, forestry, fishing and salmon aquaculture in the surrounding islands and fjords. It is the fastest-growing city in southern ... -

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We travel sadly to Chacabuco for our ship north back to Puerto Montt. Chacabuco reveals evidence of a more recent eco disaster: salmon farming. These non-native fish, introduced from Norway, have now become the main industry here, ...
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Those hours made up for the disappointment on the water; first we followed the coast where small fishing boats worked amongst the sandbars. Then over the hills, with stunning coastal views on both sides. After thirty minutes of this we passed ... Built by settlers in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the architectural style has spread to some hotels and private homes, plus the surrounding mainland regions — we saw similar workmanship in Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas. ...
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Swimming Upstream Latin Trade1 Jun 2009 by Jorge Garretón
Fish farming was introduced in the southern city of Puerto Montt in 1977. Since then, it has contributed to the region's prosperity, bringing jobs and fueling a construction boom. From a foothold around Puerto Montt, salmon and trout ...
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An overview of fishing Rio Pico, Esquel, and the National Park waters of the Esquel Region. Check us out at
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Esquel Outfitters and Loop's Jurassic Lake Fishing Report from December. Don't know where to start as I am just now coming out of the clouds from that two week dream I had about being in Argentina. What an amazing trip! ...
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Fly Fishing Patagonia: Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina, Esquel Area6 Aug 2009 by Alun Lloyd Fly Fishing
Hola! My name is Alun Lloyd profesional fishing guide from Esquel/Chubut, Patagonia/Argentina. If you're intrested in fly fishing, wild life, birdwatching and traveling adventures in Argentine Patagonia, check my site & email me. ...
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Argentina Fly Fishing: Esquel – Los Alerces National Park, Dry Fly ...26 Jun 2008 by patagoniaflies
Los Alerces National Park located in the beautiful province of Chubut is world famous for its crystal clear rivers and world class dry fly fishing. The park.
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Fishing in Argentina11 Jan 2010 by buenosaires54
At the small Esquel Airport (one to two flights per day), we were met by Nicholas Beale from the El Encuentro Fishing Lodge ( It's a 15-mile drive on an unpaved road to the fishing complex in Nicho's Toyota diesel ...
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Fishing Lodge Stainless Kitchen Sinks3 hours ago by admin
This particular show is filmed in central Patagonia near Esquel and Gwenn and David Perkins have the distinct honor and pleasure of being the very first guests at Martin O'Farrell's “Trevelin Lodge” in the town of the same name. ...
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Part 1: Following the Andes–Arroyo Verde Wend Magazine - iWend5 May 2010 by Daniel Fox
With the kayak strapped tight on the roof, provisions in the cooler and a full tank of gas, the buildings of Esquel gradually shrank in my rear-view mirror while the mountains in front of me, caped with fresh snow, ... Nestled between the Andes and the famous Traful river in Nahuel Huapi National Park, Estancia Arroyo Verde is pure wild fly-fishing and horseback riding country. I am here because the world is really small (in Argentina) and once you know a person or two, ...
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European Time Warp — Esquel, Patagonia, Argentina16 Jan 2010 by TravelStream™ member chemoejito
I attempted to go trout fishing today but the local tackle shop advised me other wise. Using a spinner rod on most rivers in Patagonia is forbidden and only fly fishing is allowed. I give up resentfully on the idea and spend the ...
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Argentina Waters fly fishing outfitters in Esquel and Rio Pico. WWW.ARGENTINAWATERS.COM Welcome to ARGENTINA WATERS, We are Gonzalo and Laura Martinez and we invite you to come to Patagonia and enjoy an unforgetable and exciting ...
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Trout Time in Chile, Fly Fishing Style15 Feb 2010 by admin
Brown trout galore as Johann and Philipp head south for Esquel as we make plans to tie a knot… Keep your tip up folks, you can never go wrong! So on February 2nd, 2010 -. Carola and I got married officially in Los Lagos, Chile. ... - jack trout's weblog -

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