Thursday, October 29, 2009

Global Warning....Nahhhhh Just An Early Dusting

Halloween Snowfall In The Rockies
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After encountering a whiteout driving home from fishing South Park on Sunday, I was the last man "idiot" standing on the river. I now regret staying that late despite a few big fish that gave me the runaround. Nothing like a 2 hour drive taking 4 hours while driving in a snow storm to realize that the days on the water without my goretex Simms jacket are over. Forecasters say that this is the biggest October storm in 12 years, if that's any indication on how this winter goes Ski resorts are going to be very happy this ski season!

Wednesday's Snowfall safe out there and enjoy that Flake hatch!

Rollinsville 35 inches
Near Bailey 30 inches
Bergen Park Golden 27 inches
Black Hawk - 31.8 inches (5:55 a.m.)
Fairplay - 14.0 inches (5:37 a.m.)
Northglenn - 13.0 inches (5:15 a.m.)
Louisville - 22.5 inches (2:15 a.m.)
Evergreen – 23.2 inches (11:55 p.m. 10/28)
Loveland – 16.5 inches with drifts to 3 feet (11:10 p.m. 10/28)
Conifer – 30 inches (10:53 p.m. 10/28)
Golden – 21.5 inches (10:50 p.m. 10/28)
Erie – 16.5 inches (10:40 p.m. 10/28)
Broomfield – 20.7 inches (10:20 p.m. 10/28)
Kittredge – 20 inches (10:10 p.m. 10/28)
Westminster – 17 inches (10:04 p.m. 10/28)
Boulder – 20.0 inches (10:00 p.m. 10/28)

Boca the Snowdog!

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Anonymous said...

Man was that a crazy storm we had, my house up in Genesee got around 28" and I just stopped counting. So much for fishing last week.


Troutdawg said...

yeah exactly, we've had enough snow around here lately to last us awhile. Good luck getting out this weekend, it's suppose to be pretty nice