Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taylor River Fishing..Hawg Trough Delight!

Sight Fishing on The Taylor River
Trip Report Here

What is about the words "Hawg Trough" that brings a smile to most of my fishing buddies? I think it's due to the fact that there are more big fish in the this one area than anywhere in the country I can think of. Okay, maybe the Middle Kenai perhaps, but for sheer numbers and jaw dropping fish, this place is hard to beat! We had a great weekend up in the Taylor Park area this Fall and I love making this trek a few times a year. I was with a few fishing Pals this weekend looking to fish for some beasty's,enjoy ourselves and hopefully not freeze from Taylor Park's notorious cold weather at night camping. Fishing Pals Brian Yamauchi, Todd Peppin, Casey, Travis, Craig and a few others tagged along for some fun.

We didn't get to fish together as much I wanted to since so much water around here to choose from -which is a very good problem to have! A few of the guys wanted to try their luck at some Gunnison Koky's, they haven't caught some before and since I just returned from Alaska catching Koky's big brother, the Sockeye, I was set for some Big trout. Friend Greg Furimsky from Crested Butte's Angling Bookstore joined the guys as well as local Willowfly guide Patrick Duke for some trout action.


Great time and trip, for more info on our trip as well as local fishing information click here .

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Anonymous said...

That trough is a fine section. Everytime I make it out to Colorado from Missouri, we try to swing over to the Taylor from our Arkansas River cabin. Nice write up on the Taylor


Troutdawg said...

Yeah it's pretty hard to beat. Already booking a few trips there next Spring. The Arkansas this time of year is always a nice place to hit as well.