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Top Fly Fishing News Spring Fishing In The Rockies and Saltwater

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Attack on Sacramento Salmon11 hours ago by Karl Mueller
Winter is here and we have all the fly tying materials needed to stock your box. Wether you are preparing for a saltwater fly fishing trip, filling the gaps in your trout box, or tying winter steelhead patterns we have you covered. ...
The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog -
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Bass Fishing and Bass Fly Fishing Truths fishing4 hours ago by meilan
BASS FISHING and Bass Fly Fishing Truths. Bass Fishing and Fly Fishing Articles, Fish Recipes and Fishing Secrets. Bass fishing has a fascinating history. It started in the late 18th century and continues to progress even today. ... -

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Salmon Fly Fishing – Tips For Catching Salmon & Salmon Fly Fishing ...4 hours ago by admin
If you are like me you love the taste and health benefits of eating salmon. Well did you know that Everyone who participates in salmon fishing claims that it is.
Sport Fishing -

Best way to practice in the winter? - The North American Fly ...55 minutes ago by hick727
Alright so my friend asked me if i wanted to go fly fishing with him this summer. He is amazing and im not. I wanna start practicing so that i dont.
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River Fishing Games Online Best FlyFishing Guides4 hours ago by admin
Hotel Packages: • Snowmobile Packages • Snow Coach Packages • Summer packages. Find Cheapest Hotel Click here. About the Author. All Hotel Reviews Click here. Fly fishing big Salmon in the Alta River, Remi Johnsen- Fly Fishing lessons ...
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Does anyone have any good fly fishing tips? Florida-Sportsman ...3 hours ago by admin
What flies to use? i am going for trout and bass in northern New Jersey I just started? WHen do i reel a fish in and when do i strip it? ANything you.
Florida-Sportsman-Magazine -

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New Inductees to the Canadian Angling Hall of Fame2 hours ago by Moderator
The Canadian Angling Hall of Fame inducted 4 new members at last week's Toronto Spring Fishing & Boat Show. This year's inductees include John Kerr, conservationist, outdoorsman, Toronto Sun outdoors columnist and editor of Ontario Out ...
Discover Fly Fishing at WILSON'S -

Seminar Speakers ANNOUNCED!! MidWest Fly Fishing Expo5 hours ago by eric
Here's the list of speakers, tyers, and authors slated for the 2010 Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in no particular order… Bob Jacklin. Dave Hughes. Joe Humphreys. Jeff “Bear” Andrews. Ray Schmidt. Simon Gawesworth. Jerry Regan. Chuck Hawkins ...
MidWest Fly Fishing Expo -

Oregon Fly Fishing – The High Lakes « hours ago by admin
Fly fishing the large and small “drive-in” high lakes of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest is an art in itself and good fly-fishing information about a lake is of prime importance to the success of the high lake fly fisher. ... -

Bahamas Fly Fishing on Flickr - Photo Sharing!16 hours ago by (Backwater Angler)
Taylor Brown sent in this photo with a report from a recent Bahamas trip.
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Fly Fishing Evolution6 hours ago by admin
Mike and I have had a tough time getting together for some fishing recently. Since I had off on Monday we set off for a bigger stream in Central PA. When.
Fly Fishing Evolution -

Washington Fly Fishing - Report Skwala Dries 2/2121 Feb 2010 by spanishfly
Nymphing produced fish but I was itching to rise a trout. I saw a couple fish rising to midges but didn't see an adult skwala's all day… Screw it I'm fishing one anyway! I crept behind the bushes and high sticked my fly as it floated ...
Washington Fly Fishing -

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PAXALLES: Matt Labash on Fly Fishing with Darth Vader with Laura ...5 hours ago by CA Morrison
Laura Ingraham hosted Matt Labash on Fly Fishing with Darth Vader.

Bite indicators - Fly Fishing Forums10 hours ago by welsh wizard
There has been many debates on here about bite indicators in use for fly fishing but to reverse this,has anybody tried fly fishing for other fresh.
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Fly Fishing Instruction 35 Free Online Videos To Learn How-To1 hour ago by peerveAides
What a great deal, free video instruction on learning fly fishing. Learn techniues, casting, equipment and much more! It really is hard to learn from a book. Get ready for spring, and learn fly fishing now. ... -

Angler's Workshop Sessions « Dwyer's Fly Fishing & FlyTying6 hours ago by mayfly18
Craig Dennison Kayak Fly Fishing This 50 minute workshop will introduce the benefits and possibilities of fishing from a kayak. Types of kayak, water scenarios, safety and effective fly fishing strategies will be covered. ...
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Fishing News And Reviews: Beginner Fly Fishing Techniques - Learn ...3 hours ago by Maura
Being able to cast a fly fishing rod is one of the pure joys of fly fishing. It is a skill that requires practice in order to master. But when you get good at it, your casting is fluid and effortless. Looking at the back of large brook ...
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Flatswalker: Salt Water Fly Fishing Guide Blog – Flatswalker1 hour ago by WindKnot
Salt Water Fly Fishing Journal. Cayman Islands bonefish guide rants, memoirs, videos, & humor on guiding, travel, & learning the sport.
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