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Fall Steelhead Fishing! From Michigan To Ontario

Fall Steelhead Locations
Michigan Area
One of my personal favorites, okay BC is still on the list but will get there one of these days!
Michigan is truely a unique place, it has many great rivers that steelhead swim freely for short time periods throughout their lives. Many out there claim that steelhead to be one of the highly regarded freshwater fish to chase, they can challenge the fly fishers sanity, reels, hooks and angling skills.

Steelhead make their way in the rivers in the fall to chow and in the spring to spawn so they are definitely in the go. Alot of the fall fish -holdover or stay, in the rivers throughout the chilly months of winter and are usually the first to spawn in the spring. Many that either don't come in very far or don't run at all in the fall, make their way to the pier heads of lake Michigan come early spring to head up their natal rivers.

The top rivers in Michigan for steelhead include the Manistee, Muskegon river and Pere Marquette river. These rivers offer a unique appearance, landscape, water flows and so much more.

Michigan's majic time in Autumn is right after the majority of the fall salmon have already spawned, which usually falls around October through mid-late December, give or take a few weeks. Spring time fish arrive around early March and are available to the fly fisher through late May. A plus to Michigan's fly fisherman whom target steelhead is that, opposite to that of it's cousin the salmon, is that not all steelhead die after spawning. Steelehad provide a great "drop back fishing" while they navigate their way back to lake Michigan after successfully spawning.

Ontario Areas
So you want to fish for steelhead in the Ontario area? How about a "Grand Trip?"

The large steelhead trout from here can very from 15 to 30 inches in length with their weight and strength in need of very large tippets! The Wild runs and pole-bending hurtles makes this rainbow trout a hearty delight. A great vantage area for viewing steelhead pods is along Whiteman’s Creek just above the Grand River section. This stretch is now posted and permission must be gained from the Five Oaks Christian Centre so make sure.

The Grand River has won many conservation awards as well. It has almost 200 shoreline miles and is the largest river in Southern Ontario. It is one hour from Toronto or London with the 401 and 403 highways providing easy access. This is a unique river because it has all the amenities nearby within a wilderness setting. A fisherman can choose to float fish for steelhead or fly fish… wade or drift… spend the day or stay a night. Whatever the choice, steelhead fishing on the Grand River is a must for everyone to fish.

Lake Ontario (NY) Area Rivers
Keg Creek
Johnson Creek
18 Mile Creek
Oak Orchard Creek
Niagara River
4 Mile Creek

Lake Erie (NY) Area Rivers
18 mile Creek
Cattaraugus Creek

Lake Ontario (Ontario) Area Rivers (Regions west to east)
Humber River
Duffins Creek
Bowmanville Creek
Wilmot Creek
Ganaraska River
Niagara River

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