Friday, October 2, 2009

Rocky Mountain Park Fishing in The Fall!

Fall Brookie Fishing in RMNP, What More Could You Want
Link To More Pictures from our Trip

What do I do when I get a call from some family friend's that are coming to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in RMNP and want a tour from a local guide? Well I jump at the chance to head up to Rocky Mtn National Park days after returning from Alaska to catch up with some friends, a chance to take in some outstanding Fall foilage and yes, you guessed fish a bit!

The next question was: what size fish do you want to catch, how far do you want to walk or drive, what species of trout and how soon can we get on the water. Mr Rhodes is not your typical fisherman, he dwarfs me in his yearly fishing days with a "modest 200+" days out a year since he is retired, lives on the water down south and knows how to fish. Those are the types of people I want to fish with. We lucked out with perfect weather, a number of gorgeous brookies on the fly and animal sightings everywhere.

If you head up that way make sure you look up the YMCA of the Rockies for some sweet accomodations. BB is a former director of the YMCA down in Georgia and knows how well they treat their guests, and that they did. My 1st visit to this amazing place and with a few thousand acres of land, every amentity one would ever need is at your disposal. They have over 250 cabins to choose from all tucked away in the hills and what better place to wake up, have a cup of jo and notice a herd of Elk out on your front porch! Their rates are very modest also so look em up when heading up that way.


We had a blast fishing a few hot spot lakes where not only did we catch some colorful Brookies but we also had a few shot's at some beasty 20" Trout as well that showed up from time to time but no takers. The Big Thompson also proved to be enjoyable but due to high flows it did make things a somewhat challenging. For more information on fishing RMNP checkout my other threads HERE for more info on your next outing to the Park.

Open Lakes: (a few known to contain fish populations)
Black Lake/Box LakeFourth /LakeHaynach /LakeJewel /Lake Haiyaha/Lake Nanita (outlet closed)Lake of Glass /Lake Solitude/Lake Verna/Little Rock /Lake Loch Vale/Lone Pine/ Lake Mills/ Lake Mirror /Lake Peacock Pool Pettingell /Lake Poudre Lake Rock /Lake Sky Pond/Spirit /Lake Sprague/ Lake Ten /Lake Park /Lakes Thunder Lake Ypsilon

Catch and Release Lakes
Adams Lake**Arrowhead Lake*Big Crystal Lake*Caddis Lake (Lower Fay Lake)*Cony Creek (above Calypso Cascades)*Dream Lake*Fern Lake and Creek*Fifth Lake**Forest Canyon (above the Pool)*Hidden Valley Beaver Ponds and Hidden Valley Creek (open only as posted)*#Hutcheson Lakes*Lake Husted*Lake Louise*Lawn Lake*Lily Lake (south, west and north shores; east shore open July 1 to April 30)*
Loomis Lake*Lost Lake*#North Fork of the Big Thompson above Lost Falls*#Odessa Lake*Ouzel Creek (above falls; brook trout may be kept)*#Ouzel Lake*#Paradise Creek drainage**Pear Lake and Creek*Roaring River*Sandbeach Lake and Creek*Spruce Lake*Timber Lake and Creek**West Creek*


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Fishguy said...

Those are some amazing colors on that fish! Small but intense colors for sure. Seems like you had another outstanding weekend fishing.

Troutdawg said...

Brookies in the Fall are about as good as it gets and I'm so fortunate to have been able to land a few and take a few pictures. They are some sweet looking fish to look at even more fun to catch on a dry!