Monday, October 12, 2009

Florida Fly Fishing October Reports

Florida Fishing Heats Up In October

With all of this Chatter lately about Fall fishing around the Rockiesfor Browns, plenty of my Saltwater friends are scratching their heads wondering when I'm going to talk about Saltwater again. Yes, Saltwater is my passion for sure, but this one period of the year in the Rockies, nothing comes close. Here's some updated Florida Saltwater news since I've gotten a few reports from my Guide friends down there recently. Come November I'll be in the Tampa area Redfishing so hopefully I'll have a few reports myself for everyone!

Florida Bay in Fall! - Had a chance to get out in Florida Bay with my pal Capt. Nick Angelo originally from South Fla whp now lives and guides in the Tampa area! We had a great time fishing the old stomping grounds. It was our first trip out in Flamingo together in a few y more...Capt. Joe Costadura - Flamingo

Inshore/ offshore - The lagoon is still producing some good trout and the reds are scattered through out the lagoon flats in a spawning mode. You will see the schools doing some swimming in circles and rolling on their sides. My last charter was going to fish with me more...Capt. Joe Porcelli - Mosquito Lagoon

Capt Pete Greenan -Sarasota Area Down To Boca Grande
Outstanding fishing this week in Boca Grande was highlighted by large snook, baby tarpon and an abundance of seatrout. There is no better time of the year than the fall on Florida's west coast. Unusually high tides in the morning produced strong water movement as the days went on. Baitfish shoals grew larger and the fish fed aggressively. Dusty Sprague and I were able to jump four little tarpon in the deep backcountry on Thursday and then managed several snook along the mangroves. All were taken on a modified Gartside Gurgler pattern. Switching to a submerged fly because of the bright sun, we caught several seatrout in just a few minutes to finish up a fun and exciting day.

Summer returns to Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay is hot! Both the weather and the fishing action. Wednesday morning on the was hot and humid; the only thing hotter was the Bonita action. Most Captains have a circle of other Captains whom they share information with. It's this type of net more...Capt. Steven Markovich - Tampa Bay

Jacksonville City Limits...Saltwater Style - For the past couple of months I have been splitting my fishing trips from the remote backwater marshes to downtown Jacksonville. My normal trips are in the saltwater marshes and creeks, usually miles from any type of development. Northeast Florida h more...Capt. Ron Schurr - Jacksonville

Ton of Tarpon - A beautiful September to remember this year so far with everyday being more beautiful than the day before it seems, calm mornings that lead into sunny humid and hot days with some showers around to cool of the fishing a little! Florida Bay is just more...Capt. Jim Hale - Flamingo

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