Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Big Brown Trout Fishing, Where Are They and How To Catch Them

Leapoard Browns, Chilly Weather, Big Fat Streamers and Fewer Crowds is What I'm Talking About

What is it about this time of year that get's ones adrenaline going with the thought of Big, Fat, beasty Brownies chasing 12" streamers for that one monster whack! I know I can't wait and in fact could care less about fishing all Summer when in comparison to what the Fall brings.

These last few weekends I have been completely spoiled and fortunate to travel in search of big browns. Any luck? Well I've had some shots but still think it's a tad -no pun, too early for some of the big boys to come out to play quite yet. When is the perfect time to chase them you ask? That can vary greatly and you must follow many areas of timing to get that one right. A few factors I look at are the season, a nice window from the 1st of October to Mid November for the Rockies. Why this time if year? It's due to browns which are are fall spawners and by November they are in a crazy mood. Browns that are near or have just finished spawning are extremely territorial and yep, aggressive. When targeting them you have to pay attention to any influx in flow changes, up a little or down some can really alter Brown trout movement and change your plans for fishing. Also what is the weather doing, is it sunny, cloudy, snowing or raining? Those also play important roles. What about Moon phases, yep..Crowds of people targeting them over and over. What about the temperature of the water yep. See where I'm getting at!

There are so many areas you need to concentrate on that for the average person I just tell people to relate it to golf. Just go when you can and see what happens. If you can target it much more thoroughly with your timing, than all the better, the more time on the water the better chance of course you'll have to run across a nice Brown.

Don't forget to rule out fishing at night time. Yes they do lurk in the depths at dusk and can get busy once that sun goes down so don't forget to check that out as well. I was on a trip to the Taylor River recently and fishing from 8pm-Midnight and let's just say that after landing a nice brown 15 minutes into my night I was "Hooked"

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Anonymous said...

I'm ready to get on a nice brown this year, it's been far too long since I have had a good one on a fly